ECO : Everything Corrugated Offers......

"ECO" aspires to end the plastic revolution and herald in the 21st century with the ECO friendly Corrugated Revolution in India. Through the use of  design and high quality production, corrugated products will create drastic and far-reaching changes in the way people think and behave..

ECO stands for Everything Corrugated offers. ECO is a new division of CEL Packaging Pvt.Ltd. 

Through our experience in corrugated we realised the versatility of this material in terms of it being a low cost medium, structurally sound, easy to work with, durable, visually appealing and environmentally friendly. Keeping these in mind ECO ventured out to explore other possible creations from corrugated beside boxes.

This division will use corrugated to translate it to functionally, visually appealing and innovative products which would be ideal for use in house holds, corporate, hotels, agencies.... The introductory range of products include Document Boxes in various sizes and designs to carry, mail and present papers, transparencies...., Library boxes in 3 sizes for files, books and magazines, Disposable Coasters.

Apart from these ECO also offers an extensive range of Exhibition and Display Systems which are unique in terms of design and visual appeals. Besides being environment friendly light weight, low cost and easy to erect, these systems can be dismantled and carried in a box.

The vision of ECO encompasses products in categories like educational aids, interiors elements, furniture, stationery items, house hold items and other products for the office and gift items in due course. The ECO revolution will prove that India as an epicentre can create products that are elegant, functional, well finished, innovative and environmentally sensitive. ECO will set an example which will extend the revolution in a global manner with various other countries aspiring to emulate to the movement

Document Box
Library Box
Exibition System
PAN 001
CST 001
HRD 001
MAG 001
Kustodian Box
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